Bali – The North: Menjangan and Secret Bay

Two years after diving Bali´s East around Tulamben I decided to visit the North this time. As even last time the landmarks above sealevel kept undiscovered by me – there is too much to see below surface…

My main targets in this trip: Menjangan and Secret Bay

First Menjangan:
The waters around Menjangan are declared as a sanctuary (the island itself as well).
Hence, no fishing – neither with nets nor with dynamite – results in perfect seascapes.
The size of some seafarns was up to 3 – 4 meters. I have never seen something like that before…
Menjangan doesn´t really offer a lot of big fish sightings (some whitetip- or blacktip reefsharks were seen rarely) but the Macro World is simply great: Pygmy Seahorses, Nudibranch, Crabs, Shrimp, everything…

Secret  Bay:
You can find the Secret Bay – the „small Lembeh Strait“ of Bali – after a 25 minutes drive from Pemuteran.
In opposite to Menjangan the Secret Bay offers Muck Diving at a maximum depth of 8 – 10 meters.
Critters where ever you look, in case you have some visibility…
There had been 2 facts to make me happy during my last two dives in the Secret Bay in this holiday.
My 300th dive ever… and…9 frogfish in 2 dives found by our great guide Komang  :)

But there was a third great dive site still – the Mandarin Place.
I dove this place three times and were lucky during each dive to see the mandarin fish coming up and mating; what luck…

But Komang provided more surprises. Sometimes he held some parts of his briefings in German language. One of his standard phrases was: „Maximale Tauchzeit 60 Minuten, normalerweise“, that means: „Maximum dive time 60 minutes, normally“.
The „normally“ gave us the opportunity for dives up to 105 minutes.
So, his second phrase fits perfect: 
„Tauchen bis Flasche leer“ = „Diving until the tank is empty“

A perfect location to stay, relax and enjoy is the Naya Gawana Resort, located very idyllic in the tropical surroundings.
It´s not that new that I booked the tour with Reisecenter Federsee again.
Diving was organized by Extra Divers Naya Gawana.
A very special thanks to Robert, the dive center manager – we all enjoyed each evening we spent in the dive-center – it was such great fun…

The photos below are listed in the same chronology as seen during 12 days of diving. So, be patient – the amazing frogfish pics (including a Hairy Frogfish) come in the end…


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  1. Christian und Bianka Reply

    Klasse, wir haben Dank deiner Bilder, nochmal die gemeinsamen TG Revue passieren lassen können. Da wir Unterwasser keine Fotos machen (wir fotografieren mit den Augen und entwickeln im Herzen), haben wir damit eine schöne Erinnerung, wie z. B. Secret Bay (Müllplatz)…

    Grüße Christian und Bianka

    • Ralph

      Hi Ihr Zwei
      Na, dann hat die Seite ja ihren Zweck schon wieder etwas erfüllt.
      Und… Wenn wir wieder mal zusammen tauchen, müssen wir unbedingt die 105 Minuten überbieten…
      Grüße, Ralph

    • Ralph

      Hi Christa
      Vielen Dank… Ja, Balis Unterwasserwelt hat schon was…
      Immer eine Reise wert…
      Ganz viele Grüße nach Südafrika… :)

    • Ralph

      Vielen Dank, Madelaine
      Das Tauchen mit den Extra Divers vom Naya Gawana kann ich Dir nur empfehlen.
      Bestehe auf Komang als Guide und die Tauchgänge werden unvergesslich.
      Grüße nach Bali…

  2. sparkling diver Reply

    These shots are absolutly fabulous !
    Thank you so much for sharing them… Each one is a discovery and a journey in happyness.
    What an eagle eye ! What a generosity for those who cannot dive at the moment.
    Despite the frustration, it put a smile on my face and erased this feeling.
    I enjoyed each one and keep watching them.
    Thank you again for your generosity !

    • Ralph

      And thank you for these compliments.
      I hope you’ll be able to dive soon again and look forward to your shared experiences.
      Greetings to France…

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