…along River Neckar

River Neckar drags about 362 km before he opens in Mannheim into the River Rhine.
Actually, the word “Neckar” means as much as “evil river”.
We couldn´t recognize very much “evil” as we explored our four highlights along the Neckar:
the cities of Tuebingen, Esslingen, Plochingen and of course Heidelberg.
They seem to be introspective and – irrespective from many tourists – peaceful and romantic.


Tuebingen is one of the oldest German university towns, but – due to the high number of students – the average age of the city is one of the youngest all over Germany.

Tuebingen is famous for his colorful historic buildings.
One opinion for a beautiful view on these offers


The plane trees, giving the island its name, are approximately 200 years old.
The island begins at the Neckar Bridge and ends at Silcher-Monument.
You will have a beautiful view of the “Hölderlinturm” from there; the poet Hölderlin spent the last months of his life in this tower.

The old town is mainly influenced by the

Market Place with the Neptune Fountain

Sitting in one of the local restaurants or cafes, enjoying the sun and watching the people passing by in front of the beautiful buildings makes a visit relaxing…


The “Kornhaus” is a stylishly renovated former grain warehouse, which now houses the town museum.

And then there was the


The beautiful old buildings of this street are partially accessible only by small bridges that span over a part of the River Ammer. Without doubt another tranquil spot in this lovely city…


Esslingen fulfills the demands on being a member of the “Deutsche Fachwerkstrasse” (=German Half-Timber Road) in any case.

There is to be found in a place called “Hafenmarkt” (harbor market) the

oldest half-timber-house-line of Germany (älteste Fachwerkzeile Deutschlands)

The basic substance of these houses is around 700 years old.

After they’ve been doomed to demolition, they are in pristine condition now and stylishly renovated.

Another half-timbered artwork represents the southern facade of the

Old Town Hall

About 600 years ago, this building was built for the grain trade and for the purpose of festivities. The north side (directed to the market square) is quite impressive, but the south façade is a masterpiece.
Gorgeous contrasts of color give result of the red facade of the Old Town Hall with the neighboring buildings.

The Old Carpentry (Die Alte Zimmerei)

is anotherone of many half-timbered highlights in Esslingen.
Earlier, as the name suggests, built as a carpentry, then extensively renovated, houses the old carpentry restaurants and commercial businesses today.
The exposed location at the end of the peninsula in River Rossneckar makes the building even more interesting and unique.

Other highlights of the “old” Esslingen:
“Speyrer Pfleghof”, “Weber- and Heugasse”, the “Innere Brücke” and “Little Venice”.

we planned our tour according the recommendations on

Close to Esslingen is


Plochingen is located at River Neckar as well, half-timbered houses can be seen like in Esslingen or in Tuebingen, but there is another unique landmark in Plochingen – the Hundertwasser House.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the famous artist, designed the courtyard of this residential and commercial building at Neckarstraße.
Find a lot of information to this building at
The courtyard is unique in comparison to other buildings of Hundertwasser: People who live in other “Hundertwasser Houses” look outside and can´t see any “Hundertwasser”. Residents of the “Hundertwasser House” in Plochingen see “Hundertwasser” once they look out into the courtyard though they live inside the “Hundertwasser”.


Heidelberg forms the Rhine-Neckar-Region together with Mannheim and Ludwigshafen.
The city is known of tourists primarily because of the castle and its picturesque old town.

We took a strenous walk on a hot summer day with temperatures above 30 °C.
Coming from the Old Bridge, we walked up the steep “Schlangenweg” to reach the “Philosophenweg”. It was promised to have a “perfect view” from up there on the Old Town of Heidelberg including the castle and the Old Bridge.
Indeed: The view was breathtaking… brilliant blue skies… and the efforts were worth it and forgotten immediately…

Enjoy the pictures of these beautiful cities of Baden Wuerttemberg and feel free to share your experiences in the end of this page…


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  1. Laura Reply

    Ich wusste gar nicht, dass Baden-Württemberg so schöne Ecken hat.
    Das Hundertwasserhaus sieht ja wirklich spannend aus.
    Tolle Bilder!
    Besonders gelungen ist der Skywalker 😉

    • Ralph

      Ja, der Moment als der Mond um den Skywalker “wanderte” und von diesem fasst gefangen wurde war wirklich spannend.
      Und nach Wien muss man dank Plochingen auch nicht mehr…

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