…is an archipelago, located one hour boat ride west of Manado, the “capitol” of North-Sulawesi.

Compared to the Muck-Diving in the Lambeh Strait, Bunaken offers finest and colorful drop-offs.

Some highlights:


We were lucky enough to see turtles during nearly each dive. Sometimes they passed by in the Blue, sometimes they “hammered down” in the reef to feed or to rest.

Crabs and Shrimps

Orang-Utan-Crabs were found regularly by our guide.
Sometimes only one, but in one case he found three Orang-Utan-Crabs sitting in one bulb anemone.
Two times we were lucky to find the beautiful Candy Crab (Softcoral Crab) – looking like gremlins they were sitting proud and perfectly camouflaged on their softcorals.
Last but not least we could find an emperor shrimp as well – not riding on a nudibranch (as in Lambeh) but hiding underneath a sea cucumber.


Sharks could be seen frequently.
We had the chance to watch 3 blacktips and 2 whitetips during an early-morning-dive.
Furthermore some juvenile whitetips could be found while sleeping in a cave.
Eagle rays passed by in the blue sometimes.

What else to see?
Frogfish, nudibranch, pygmy seahorse (hippocampus pontohi), scorpion leaffish and many colorful anemones and corals.

We stayed and dove with Bastianos Bunaken
and booked with Reisecenter Federsee.


Find pictures regarding scuba diving in Lembeh Strait here.

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  1. Gisela Reply

    Hallo Ralph,
    ich hatte auch schon das Glück um Bunaken und in der Straße von Lembeh tauchen zu können.
    Es ist wirklich unglaublich, welch unterschiedliche Unterwasserwelten dort so eng nebeneinander liegen.
    Ich wünsche Dir noch viele schöne Reisen.
    VG, Gisela

    • Ralph

      Hallo Gisela,
      wir waren auch von dieser Vielfalt angetan.
      Bunte Riffe in Bunaken und dann die skurrilen Tiere in Lembeh.
      Das ist wohl kaum noch zu toppen.
      Dir wünsche ich auch noch viele schöne Tauchgänge,

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