We reached Malapascua, a little gorgeous island located 8 km northeast from Cebu, after a 25 hours journey while heavy raining.

Our Aim: A meeting (or more) with the elegant tresher shark…

It’s not that easy to see this beautiful shark as we had to get up early each morning.
The boat departs between 04:30 and 05:00 am to enable us to jump in the water during sunrise.
With small eyes (because tired) to the “big-eyed” shark…
Getting up early is worth it.
The Treshers could be spotted during each dive – sometimes close, sometimes far away, but always present.


We were sitting on the ground of the sea in appr. 30 meters depth watching the sharks passing by – like watching television…

M0015677 M0015678

The likelihood to find the sharks is nearly 90% – maybe the best place in the world for Tresher Sharks…

By the way…
A lot smaller then the sharks but less fascinating: it took 335 dives to find my first ornate ghostpipefish.
And not only one: we saw 4 in only 2 days – amazing…


Less amazing: there is still fishing with dynamite going on around Malapascua – no fun: neither for the fish, nor for the divers

However: Malapascua is a great place for diving and really a paradise – above sea level and below…

We stayed in the beautiful Buena Vida Resort & Spa and booked with Reisecenter Federsee.


Find some images from Malapascua above sea level here.

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  1. Gernot Reply

    Hallo Ralph
    An Malapascua habe ich auch tolle Erinnerungen – Deine Bilder frischen diese wieder auf.
    Probiere auch mal Palawan, falls Du dort noch nicht warst.
    Tolle Tauchgebiete im Norden.
    LG Gernot

    • Ralph

      Hallo Gernot
      Palawan spukt mir auch schon im Kopf rum – nicht zuletzt die Chance Dugongs zu sehen zieht mich dahin.
      Ich halte Dich auf dem Laufenden, wenn dies hoffentlich geklappt hat.
      Viele Grüße, Ralph

  2. Per Jørgensen Reply

    Nice pictures, we visited Malapascua 2010. Sadly we had many blasts from dynamite fishing. Hope it has changed.

    • Ralph

      We heard “only” one time noise from dynamite fishing – but also “only one time” is too much…
      As you had had it many times, maybe the situation is getting better slowly.
      Let us hope the best for this beautiful underwater world…

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