Tangkoko National Park

As always during a diving holiday, we were concentrated to explore the world below surface.
Only on our last day we took the chance to visit Tangkoko National Park.
The park is located in the very North of Sulawesi and offers the chance to see some unique animals:

Black macaques

We reached a group of black macaques after nearly 30 minutes of walking.
In the beginning the macaques seemed to be grimly – but then we noticed very fast that they are used to the visit of people. Hence, we could get close to them…


Seeing the tarsiers was our highlight. They are very small animals, as they reach a length of about 10 centimeters (4 inch) without tail only. Due to the fact that the tarsiers are nocturnal animals they do have very big eyes; this makes them looking too sweet. They sleep inside of hollow trees during the day and wake uo / come out during sunset.
Compared to the macaques the tarsiers are very shy and not easy to watch.


The cuscus can also be found in Tangkoko National Park. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough luck to see it.

By the way:
Orang Utans do not live in Sulawesi. You have to travel to Borneo or to Sumatra to see them in their natural habitats.


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